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Define your project

From political project to FIREFUND

BE CONCRETE: Be very clear about what you are funding for. Define your goals and share your budgeting plans. People need to know where their money goes.

URGENCY: Make it clear why it is important that people donate to your project. Be honest about the consequenses if you do not reach your goal and why it is urgent.

BUDGET: Share your budget in a clean and visual way. This makes people understand the urgency and creates more trust that their money will be spent on your project.

Create a narrative

Find out who your target group is

Your target group are the people, you imagine will donate to your project.

  • What is the story you are telling and how is it communicated?
  • What means of communication will you use to promote your campaign?

  • Which groups will you contact to help share the campaign?
  • What tone of language, symbolism, and argumentation fits your target group?

Crowdfunding model

The ‘all or nothing’ model: All donations are pledge dontations. This means, you will only get the money if you reach 100% or more of your goal.

The Milestone model: You set different smaller goals on a bigger budget. In this way you can insure small steps of a bigger goal on a overwhelming budget.

Disclaimer: The Milestone Model has not yet been introduced on

Campaign launch

BE A CROWD: Decentralize leadership and ownership

This is essential to political crowdfunding. Use the advantages of the internet to mobilize your crowd and reach out to your fellow comrades.- include("them") and combine your struggles.

In other words: Decentralize ownership of the campaign. Be a crowd.

Figure out the level of commitment when mobilizing and share the ownership of your cause.If people are on board and want to see you succeed, and are even able to participate on many of their own terms, you will end up with a strong team of dedicated people.


Donation cuts

Whenever someone donates, they choose how much of their single donation goes to the project itself, and how much goes to the platform - this means we cannot predict how big a cut we will be taking from your final funded amount. Usually, we land on 10%, so consider this when setting your own amount. if you need 50.000 Euros funded, then maybe set the goal for 55.000 Euros, so you get what you need in the end.

All or nothing

The campaign you will be launching will be "all or nothing", meaning, if you don't reach 100% no money is ever withdrawn from anybodies account - also keep this is mind when setting your end goal.

You run your campaign

We do not run campaigns for people. We help people run their own campaigns. This means, you are responsible for hyping, spreading, networking, gaining attention and getting home donations. We wil help you all you need, and give all the advice you want to recieve, but in the end you will be doing the footwork for your own campaign.


We can be contacted through encrypted platforms or regular communication channels. We are also able to set up video conferences or arrange face-to-face meetings if that is what you prefer. For general terms of usage click here.

Start a campaign by getting in contact here, then we will give you further directions.