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Activist to activist

We are activists collaborating online to organize international solidarity.

We are legally founded in Copenhagen,
as a non-profit, socio-economic foundation but in reality we are an semi-open community of activists collaborating online to support political movements.

For any questions or further information just hit us up through our [contacts], follow our [blog], or check-out [facebook] and [twitter].

Presentations / Workshops

Other than facilitating and maintaining the website, activists in FIREfund also do presentations and workshops of how to use crowdfunding as a tool to realize mutual support and solidarity in an international perspective, based on their own experiences.

The goal of these activities is not to promote the platform but to promote the idea behind the project, and hopefully plant further ideas of how to use the potential of the internet to the advantage of left radical political activities.

If your group are interested in a presentation of our work, international solidarity through crowdfunding or a workshop about planning and executing online crowfunding, you are welcome to contact us for more details.