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Your privacy

How we administer information about you on this site and what we do with your data

Your privacy in one sentence:

Our objective is to ensure the privacy of our users against any type of political oppression and repression.

That being said, we are a non-profit, activist-driven initiative, and we do not have the developer resources to sufficiently test and develop our own software for all our current need of data analysis and data handling. This means, that no matter how lean, secure and anonymous FIREFUND.net is, your privacy still rests on the policies of the related software.

Currently these external vendors are:

  1. Stripe - credit card payment processor
  2. SendGrid - e-mail distributor
  3. Youtube (Google), Vimeo and Meta (Facebook) - as video content manager

We will account for these individually and link to further information below.

We will also account for our policy in terms of communication internally and externally.

We will finally inform about certain general pitfalls for your data privacy when using our site and how to avoid them.

Feedback and contributions

FIREFUND.net is essentially a community-driven platform - and any feedback, questions, proposals are much appreciated.

In reality, the most valuable method is direct action - so if you wish to change aspects of our privacy policies and data handling systems, then please get in contact at [email protected].

About the use of cookies

FIREFUND.net does not on its own use cookies. However, we use different vendors and applications to support the infrastructure of the site that implement the use of cookies.

If you wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website, you should take necessary steps.

However, blocking the use of cookies from this website may cause issues in paying with credit cards.

Further information about external vendors

1. Stripe

By donating with credit cards, FIREFUND.net and affiliated initiatives of the platform are not able to ensure your anonymity or your safety against legal prosecution. Making donations with credit cards should be considered a non-secret act of solidarity that rests upon your own responsibility. The FAKKEL Foundation, the platform (www.firefund.net) or the affiliated initiatives and activists cannot take responsibility for the legality of your donations.

Stripe is a payment provider that handles the data from your input when you donate, verifies the payment, withdraws the donation from your bank account and transfers the donation to FIREFUND.net

By making a donation with your credit card, you are indirectly verifying your identity and exposing this to Stripe, your bank and possibly governmental institutions. If your donation is illegal, either because of the money being donated is illegal, or because the initiative you are supporting is illegal in any way, then there is no way for FIREFUND.net to ensure you of your safety against legal repression.

2. SendGrid

If you choose to input your email in any field on the website, it can end up in our database hosted by SendGrid.

As with the rest of the external vendors, we will never give out access to these databases of data to any third parties, and we will do what we can to anonymize the data when it is needed.

3. Video content hosts

When embedding videos from video content providers, we cannot currently account for what kind of information about you as a user, they will have access to. If you wish to avoid this kind of data harvesting, we recommend using a private browser or incognito mode, but know this might prevent you from accessing certain embedded videos.

External links and social media

We can only take responsibility for your security and anonymity while visiting this site. We will have links to external websites posted frequently and we cannot ensure the security measures taken on these sites. Same goes for various links and icons directing you to social media platforms. We use the infrastructure of different social media platforms to host discussions, create community, reach out to a broader audience and to mobilize. When engaging in communication with us or other people in relation to FIREFUND.net, keep in mind that our privacy policies do not apply there.

When clicking on shortened links (https://bit.ly/3nu0SOM)) published on social media by FIREFUND.net, please be aware that profiles and handles on social media are often the subject to spam and hacking. We are doing what we can to only publish trustable, informative links, but we are not untouchable; the profiles we manage on social media can also experience spam or hacking, so let this be a disclaimer: If you click on a bad link from our profile(s) it is not intended, and we would appreciate being informed about it.

v.2.4 July 2022 by the FAKKEL Foundation & FIREFUND.net

Money handling

How we administer your money, refunds and security

Pledged donations

Crowfunding campaigns using pledged donations allow users to pay with credit card, and/or to pledge a donation without the money being transferred before the goal of the campaign is met with sufficient pledges. Users can abort a pledged donation by e-mail to [email protected], and if the e-mail is received at least 5 days before the exact time and date the goal is reached, then the donation will be canceled and the money will not be transferred from your account.

v.1.4 July 2022 by the FAKKEL Foundation & FIREFUND.net

Costs and expenses

How we earn money, how we spend money, and how we make the organization run on a daily basis

The costs related to FIREFUND.net

This is a non-profit website, which means that we do not wish to hand out any surplus to investors who do nothing more than sit around and wait to get rich off your hard work. The use of the site is free, and no one will profit from your project. However, costs related to completing a crowdfunding campaign must be provided by the ones fundraising. Regardless, FIREFUND.net does have some expenses connected to the running of the site. Among these are: keeping our servers running, transaction costs, website security and covering expenses for our activists. Thus it is possible for supporters to allow that a percentage of their donations go to FIREFUND.net to help us cover these costs.

FIREFUND.net does not require a fixed administration fee, and we will do our best to keep the site running regardless of our budget, but we still encourage everyone who donates to help secure the continuity of this platform. If we should find ourselves in the situation where we generate a surplus, it will be reinvested in FIREFUND.net or other progressive initiatives that support the general purpose of this project.

v.1.2 July 2022 by the FAKKEL Foundation & FIREFUND.net