About us

Peter P


Peter is living in Copenhagen, devoting lots of his time to understand how capitalism and fascism are related in order to overthrow both. Being all about complex stuff, Peter likes to crunch numbers, destroy and rebuild all sorts of ideas on how Firefund can work its magic the best. On a more casual note, listen to highly lyrical hip hop.

Mikkel T


Mikkel is a 24 year old university drop-out, from the countryside of Denmark. He is the chairman of the FAKKEL board and co-founder of Firefund. Has a political background in the Anarchist movement of Copenhagen and different variations of international solidarity. Mikkel is also a huge Taylor Swift fan.

Signe T


Started in FIREFUND as an intern.
She finished university in 2016, with the realization that she would never find a job as satisfactory as being an activist. So Signe stayed with Firefund and joined the Fakkel Board to keep learning and fighting. Romantic comedies are guilty pleasures.

Esther K


Esther is a organizer from Copenhagen, with a background in both street-level and institutionalized political work. You know the kind of person you want to call, if you need to rally 30.000 people in one month? That's her!

Karl K


Karl comes from a background in political science, activism and computers, and together with Mikkel he founded the FAKKEL organisation and began the work on FIREFUND back in 2014.

Jon R


Jon is a specialist front end developer and generalist programmer. He probably made what you're seeing right now. If you are a developer who shares our vision - please get in contact and we will give you a task. Happy programming!

Back end baby


Back end baby lives in California and writes mad code for the back end of this site. When back end baby is not keeping firefund.net alive, it enjoys motorcycle rides and high-risk travelling.



We are more than 30 people connected online collaborating on FIREFUND. This team are the ones working day to day. Join this team, if you want to go all in.

Dino K


Dino is a design intern in firefund. Has a lot of experience in squatting, antifascism and student politics. Is currently learning to become a web developer for firefund, and takes his coffee with milk and sugar.