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Mikkel T


Mikkel is the chairman of the FAKKEL board and co-founder of FIREFUND.

He also has a political background in the Anarchist movement and different variations of international solidarity.

Signe T


Signe started in FIREFUND as an intern. She finished university in 2016, with the realization that she would never find a job as satisfactory as being an activist. She stayed with FIREFUND and joined the FAKKEL board to keep learning and fighting.

Karl K


Karl comes from a background in political science, activism and computers.

Together with Mikkel he founded the FAKKEL organisation and began working on FIREFUND back in 2014.

Jon R


Jon is a specialist frontend developer and generalist programmer. He probably made what you're seeing on FIREFUND.net right now.

If you are a developer who shares our vision, don't hesitate to get in contact. Happy programming!

Bjorg U


Bjørg is an activist who has been doing workshops, programming and other projects at FIREFUND since 2016.

They joined the FAKKEL board in 2021.



We are a group of people in a chatroom, organizing this show. Internet-savyness, graphic design, coders and communicators are needed skills, but any kind of organizers can help!

GET IN CONTACT if you want to organize solidarity with us <3