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Our society is developed by popular movements and their struggles. Throughout history, progressive steps for humanity have been led by a critical mass of people organized within these movements.

When the political system fails to reform, change, and solve the issues of humanity, it is not an error or a failure. The 'raison d'etre' of the system is not to innovate, change or represent. The current power structures are being preserved by institutions, the goverments and the capitalist, and in that sense they are doing a really good job.

However, we believe that we need to organise solidarity and start supporting the movements who have the ability to create real change.


This site is meant to be a useful tool for these progressive movements.
A tool for the full variety of groups, networks, tactics and ways of organizing across borders and cultures.

Everyone seeking progressive change will approach the tactics and solutions to accomplish their goals in their own manner. We need a platform that leverages this factor as a strength rather than a reason for disunity and 'intraclass' warfare.


In order to create and sustain progressive change, we should shift our focus away from the people in power and instead support the movements with revolutionary potential.

We need mutual aid, mutual support, and realised solidarity. We need accomplishments and alliances, cooperation and unity, and creativity and multi-tactical diversity. We need to fund each other directly, not through handouts and charity from third party actors.

With the internet, we have become part of each others’ struggles. Now we need to take advantage of this infrastructure and explore its revolutionary potential.


FIREFUND is a platform that seeks to encourage cooperation within this diverse field of revolutionary movements.

We want to encourage, inspire, empower, support, include, exchange and work together within the movements, fighting for a world beyond oppression and unequally distributed rights, wealth and power.

We want to facilitate and escalate the work of the social movements by connecting struggles through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

v1.3 August 2016 by the FAKKEL Foundation & FIREFUND.