Help us build a collective garden in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

We are a group of young Peasant who gather into a collective and aim to build collective gardens and anti-authoritarian spaces as well as spaces for economic independence.

Who we are?

We are a group of young Peasant who gather into a collective and aim to build collective gardens and anti-authoritarian spaces as well as spaces for economic independence, our name focuses on organic farming and permaculture, besides that our garden does not only contain plants but also discussion spaces and small libraries as well as free learning spaces for school dropouts and surrounding communities who do not have access to education.

We call ourselves Work Ti Farm (WTF), formed since 2020 until now, we've finally got a 2400 m2 land grant from a member of our community.

We are also active in planting trees in critical areas or lands, providing advocacy assistance to communities that need advocacy in collaboration with our affiliated Legal Aid Institution, sharing and education directly to communities in need on a voluntary basis.

Our journey over the past four years is our initial foundation that made us decided to settle on a land that will be managed as a collective farm.


In 2020, we've decided to form a community as a collective forum for young farmers, throughout 2020 to 2021 we conducted research to learn agriculture as well as share the knowledge we learned in villages, schools, campuses and Islamic boarding schools.

In 2022, we did a much bigger movement, which was to nurture 10,000 bamboos which were then planted in places or critical land around the area we visited, besides that we were affiliated with an independent anti-authoritarian Legal Aid Institute to hold advocacy and help every area in need for free or voluntarily.

Then in 2023, we got a 2300 m2 plot of land given by one of our community members, we managed to raise money from the work of each of our members, from murals, design, office work, selling seeds and others, but it turns out, that we still need a lot and we are running out of money at this time, but our garden only reached 20% of our cultivation target.

our dreams

This garden is an active learning space for the surrounding community as well as to build community interest in the world of plantations, agriculture and animal husbandry. We also plan to build a market for the community as a form of active role in cutting the middlemen and eliminating government functions that are always negligent to the community.

How will we survive and get income in the future?

So far, we have been able to survive and generate a source of capital later by selling processed garden products, such as dried chilies, pickles, kombucha, herbal tea and others. In addition, we also do nurseries and sell seedlings to be able to get income and survive in the future.

The Problem

We need your support, financially, to build a two-story shelter made of bamboo, the upper part is for our common living area, while the lower floor is a discussion room as well as a library, our building has been delayed for 5 months since September 2023 because we ran out of funds, currently the progress of our building is at 50% due to financial difficulties.

The process to build our shelter is constrained causing our garden to also be on hold, Since we cannot stay there when the rain comes, and the limited light plus the unavailability of lavatory making it difficult for us to last for a long time during the construction process.

In addition to the need to build a residential building, We also need to purchase carpentry and garden tools that are still lacking, construction of toilets, kitchen equipment, construction of study rooms, purchase of plant seeds, and needs for the garden as well as our other needs.

Design Landscape

instagram: @worktifarm


Needs :

Roof 80x80cm x 250pcs Rp. 42.000/pcs x 250 = Rp. 8.500.000 / € 501,5

Nock top 30pcs Rp.30.000/pcs x30 = Rp. 900.000 / € 53,1

Steel range 6m x 30pcs = Rp. 2.670.000 / € 157,53

Steel Range c75 6x30     = Rp. 3.000.000 / € 177

Screw 1 pack Rp. 300.000 / € 17,7

Bricks 500pcs     Rp.1000/pcs x 500 = Rp. 5.000.000 / € 295

Sand 4container Rp. 250.000 x 4 = Rp. 1.000.000 / € 59

Cement 10sack Rp. 150.000 x 10 = Rp. 1.500.000 / € 88,5

Iron rod 12 100.000 x 12 = Rp. 1.200.000 / € 70,8

Door 4 Rp.1000.000/pcs x4 = Rp. 4.000.000 / € 236

Window 6 500.000/pcs x 6 = Rp. 3.000.000 / € 177

Pallet wood 200 150.000/10pcs x 20 = RP. 3.000.000 / € 177

Screw 3 pack Rp. 300.000 / € 17,7

Cable 150m Rp/ Rp. 2.500.000 / € 147,5

Lamp 10 100.000/pcs x 10 = Rp 1.000.000 / € 59

Lamp fitting 10 15.000/pcs x 10 = Rp. 150.000 / € 8,85

Socket 4 20.000 x 4 = Rp. 100.000 / € 5,9

Lamp button 10 25.000/pcs x 4 = Rp. 100.000 / € 5,9

Toilet (water closet) Rp 500.000 / € 29,5

Tank Rp. 500.000 / € 29,5

Water pump Rp. 1.500.000 / € 88,5

Water Torrent Rp. 1.000.000 / € 59

Pipe 30 meter Rp. 900.000 / € 53,1

Converter pipe 20 Rp. 300.000 / € 17,7

Stopper 5 Rp. 200.000 / € 11,8

Screw driver Rp. 2000.000 / € 118

Jig saw Rp. 2000.000 / € 118

Total: Rp. 47.120.000 / € 2759,98


3% of €2760

€ 100 reached in total

-123 days left