We are organizing an Ende Gelände-style climate camp this summer in Gävle. 

Back in 2022, we targeted the concrete manufacturer and mass polluter Cementa. Now we are coming for the forest and pulp industry.


We are facing a full-scale climate disaster. The earth is heating up due to greenhouse gas emissions altering the chemical balance in our atmosphere. Floods, draughts and conflicts about diminishing resources follow as a consequence. We are being told that forests are the solution. The forest binds carbon dioxide, and for each cut down tree too more will be planted. 

Unfortunately it's not that simple. In order for forests to bind anything effectively it needs to be allowed to stand, and stand for a long time. What is produced from the forest also needs to be long-lived products, so that they aren't immediately consumed and releasing the carbon dioxide again. Additionally carbon is not just sequestered in the trees themselves but in the ground where the trees previously stood. After deforestation, the ground is left naked and releases tons of greenhouse gases. In Sweden, almost 80% of felled forests are used for short-lived products, and 25% specifically to pulp, in an enormously energy-intensive industry. The pulp industry is the primary driver of deforestation, as it gives access to cheap wood of low quality. They are the engine in the death machine.

Summer 2024 we will meet in Gävle, not because a specific pulp mill is worse than another but because our forests are threatened, and with those, a liveable earth. Summer 2024 we will show our collective strength. We will do it together, by meeting, networking and acting from the basis of a big climate camp, and through that we will gather the strength and resources we need to take the next step.

That is not just to shut down a single mill or blocking a factory, but to shut down the entire system that devastates our planet and building something else together!


We are going to house and feed a large number of activists during the camp, which has large upfront costs that we are unable to cover on our own.

We are unaffiliated with and do not accept financial support from any political parties. The money we need is intended to cover:

Costs around the logistics of the camp itself: Tents, food, buses, sanitary facilities and similar things.

An information campaign about the camp: Printing flyers and posters, touring to different cities to give talks and spread awareness 





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In Gävle in June!

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