Support the anarchist media football supporters in Indonesia

The Indonesian government is currently working to build a sports tourism industry plan that aims to attract many global investors located in the new capital in the Kalimantan region.

This plan is included in the big plan towards a "golden Indonesia" in 2045. Regulated in PERPRES No. 86 of 2021 concerning "Grand National Sports Design".

The most frightening thing about this big plan is the confiscation of living space that has occurred in several areas such as Kampung Bayam Jakarta for the construction of a new stadium, the confiscation of agricultural land in Central Lombok for the construction of the Mandalika International Circuit, and many areas which today are included in the list. the same one.

In line with this plan, the government carried out massive movements to reduce threats that could damage their plans, such as eliminating political and class awareness from each individual local football supporter with the discourse of "development" carried out by the Football Federation (PSSI), Indonesian Police Headquarters (MABES POLRI ) and the Ministry of Sports (KEMENPORA).

This "development" project has been running for more than 5 years. The state, through its extension, even formed the All-Indonesian Supporters Precedium (PN-SSI) to become a chess piece that controls local football supporters in the stadium.

After the formation of PN-SSI, the criminalization of football supporters occurred again in several cities. Most of those who were criminalized were names reported by the PN-SSI to the police.

In short, we have tried to build political and class awareness to form a new ecosystem of radical local football supporters through zine distribution, study classes, film reviews and others. Since 2018, the above activities have been running in Bekasi (West Java) and this year we are trying to build a similar space and activities in Semarang (Central Java).

We are trying to build a network from each province on the island of Java to make it easier to distribute information and reading to many friends and Semarang is the centre point of this distribution channel.

One of the crucial problems in the anarchist movement and radical football supporters in Indonesia is the unorganized economic base capable of supporting the movement's financial needs. Starting from this, footballtrophika wants to be presented as an economic base in the form of an infoshop that sells various kinds of books, merchandise and whatever we can sell to stimulate financial turnover from the proceeds of this funding which in the future can be used as a source of sustainable funding for anarchist movements and radical football supporters in Indonesia. Especially for our new space in Semarang.

Apart from that, footballtrophika also aspires to be a space for anyone (individually or collectively) involved in the radical movement of football supporters and counterculture to exchange insights and views, initiate discourse and plans, create agendas and events, and become a creative forum. to network. with friends who are often creative in their daily lives.

There are several things that Footballtrophika requires:

1. Printer (for printing zines, pamphlets, and booklets)

2. Laptop/PC (as a production tool for footballtrophika to publish anti-authoritarian books)

3. Kitchen needs (to provide food for anyone who visit footballtrophika)

4. Whiteboard and writing utensils (for discussion and workshops)

5. Various kinds of Books (to meet the needs of our library and infoshop)

To build an autonomous space for radical football supporters, a budget is needed to meet the needs of footballtrophika as explained above.

Here is a breakdown of the required budget:


1. HP 14" INTEL CORE I5 1135G7 Laptop (2nd) – (IDR 3.500.000 / 205,40 euro)

2. Epson L3210 Printer – (IDR 2.299.000 / 134,92 euro)

3. informa 12-Grid Bookshelf – (IDR 500.000 / 32,07 euro)

4. Workbench – (IDR 700.000 / 41,08 euro)

5. Writing Utensils – (IDR 300.000 / 17,60 euro)


1. Rinnai RI-202S Stove – (IDR 300.000 / 17,60 Euro)

2. miyako Dispenser – (IDR 150.000 / 8,80 Euro)

3. Miyako PSG 607 Rice Cooker – (IDR 153.000 / 9,81 Euro)

4. Food and Drink Ingredients – (IDR 1.200.000 / 70,42 Euro)


1. Budget for buying books (IDR 2.500.000 / 145,93 Euro)

So the total money that we needed was 692 Euro.

We hope you guys can help us to build an autonomous space and an infoshop that we will be working on in the near future.

Reach us:

Instagram: @footballtrophik

Twitter: @footballtrophik

Email: [email protected]

Love Football, Solidarity, & Resistance



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