Urgent need of laptop

I have been arrested twice for environmental protest.
I am a film maker and Human Rights activist.
I need a laptop for my work urgently.


I aim to have a Van, laptop, phone, printer and mobile solar charging. Pretty much a mobile office. So, activists can use the resources to follow up their complaints, check emails, and securely file any paperwork they want in locked storage in the van. I also aim for the space to be used to have ' A RAGE'. So, people can sit in warmth and comfort with pillows and maybe use hand creams, or incense and relax and have space to feel the emotions that all of the above evokes in us who are just trying to save earth. I would never say I’m a counsellor or give any advice but would have resources to signpost people to certified charities or organisations that can give support or even NHS services if they needed to and can speak to me confidentially.

The van is a longer term goal but the Laptop is essential now as I need it as I set up the legal team for the Euston Tunnels. I also need it for media, adminning 10 stop hs2 groups on FB and getting content and interviews out alongside compiling footage as evidence of HS2 brutality so we can get a case against them in the UN and today so we can get an injunction on the unsafe eviction taking place in the Euston Tunnels my friends have dug and are currently occupying, today on day 7.

I envision the project to allow people to RAGE - but to ultimately rage against HS2 by holding them accountable for the crimes they are committing and the abuse of the peaceful protestors.

HS2 often portray in the media accusations that protests are violent, aggressive, and spit - yet 100s of arrests have been made and in 3.5 years there has only been 1 conviction of someone who allegedly bent 2 fence panels.

It's time we held them account for the assaults on us. I know people who have been physically and sexually assaulted, had their noses thumbs and collar bones broken, have been punched, hair pulled, and strangled until they have passed out, people have been held under water in rivers, been kicked and been threatened with rape. The police are failing to protect the people and stand watching these assaults take place to protect property and profit.



Rage Against HS2 - Everyone is raging against HS2. The main parts of my project are to support two other organisations. Not1more, and Protest Justice. I also organise something I've just started called the eviction camp response network where a group of us have collated and found storage spaces for emergency supplies because the bailiffs who are using common law removal of trespassers have now started to seize people's belongings and refuse to return them unless they have proof of address and ID - which full time activists living in occupation - we simply do not have! So, there are sleeping bags, waterproofs, hats, gloves, socks and we are working on hygiene kits. This is in storage for emergency eviction supplies rather than general camp donations.

Rage against HS2 however would support Not1more and protest justice in supporting activists and also members of the public who have been victims of harassment, assault, violence and misconduct by NET, HS2 workers, security, and the police.

I have been in communications with not1more and protest justice and been inspired by #not1more report into over 400 cases of assaults on the anti-fracking campaign in which global diligence have commissioned the report and therefore feel strongly that we will be successful in supporting them to push for another report into this.

It know first-hand from my own experience of assault and evictions how traumatic and stressful it is to make complaints. You become extremely paranoid that the police will stalk you, not help you, and that the security will target you - and they do. I have had my personal life thrown at me from behind fences, been named by staff I've never met and personal details, and the police make things very difficult - I've even had a police man say to me 'have your little fun protesting but don't ruin your life for it' after reported an assault by a security who threatened to return with a gun.

People don't have faith that complaining will make difference but that is why we are here. To make that change in the system. Our aim is to support individuals with their complaints each step of the way and my personal project is where I can commit full time to the process. I aim to visit each camps 2 nights a month at least, and extra during evictions or particularly aggressive 'actions'. I would like to have the van - which i will detail more later - called 'the rage van'. Which you can ask to come to help camps and actions. It would just be me initially but the aim of asking for funding is to use the resources I'm requesting to enable myself to do this full time properly and efficiently - my time in the NHS gave me many transferable skills including evidence based work, GDPR, and good governance. I have an eye for detail and know how to back things up. I have previously supported many patients to use PALS to make NHS complaints to improve services and I don't give up.

Aim of complaints - to seek justice.

The behaviour of HS2, their private army such as the NET and the police to continue to act with impunity is putting lives at risk. The climate emergency is real and human rights of freedom of expression and rights to protest are being breached by use of violence and systematic behaviours of abuse.

I aim to work with other organisations to ultimately end this. This will mean accountability. I want to see a public enquiry into HS2, and the corrupt things I have seen so far. Laws have been broken, disregarded and people have been hurt, suicides have taken place and probably millions of animals murdered - oh and they are polluting 22% of London’s drinking water by the way!

So, I am breaking my project into parts. I have already got started but armed with a cracked old smartphone and living in a caravan on a driveway between there and camps I’m not fully equipped.

What I am asking for initially is funding to support me to have a fast working laptop with plenty of storage system and Microsoft office, a printer, a project phone, unlimited data use, a mobile solar charging kit, and funds for resources such as paper, ink, and files, and for postage costs.

Project aims

  • Work alongside Not1more and Protest Justice Stop HS2 and other affinity groups and organisations to gather evidence from victims and witnesses
  • To support activists and members of the public to make complaints and feel supported with the process
  • To provide evidence gearing towards a public enquiry
  • To achieve justice for individual victims of assault, harassment, intimidation, violence and misconduct by authorities on peaceful people
  • To share findings with others to work collaboratively towards a longer-term goal of stopping HS2.

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