It’s time for resistance and revolutionary alternatives! It’s time for the Stockholm Anarchist Bookfair!

Illustration: Jackie O

The institutional left continues to fail us at all levels… Continued austerity, reactionary border politics, patriarchal structures, and a dying planet are what we have to look forward to from liberal democratic nation states as they subject us to more surveillance and repression as thanks for our cooperation. Now, more than ever, we need to develop anti-captitalist, anti-authoritatian,anti-state non-hierarchical methods to survive and to build a world that the people who come after us can live in.

The Stockholm Anarchist Bookfair will- include("discussions") and workshops on how to create and maintain horizontal structures and autonomous space. There will also, of course be a lot of space for information tables from various publishers, organizations, and radical initiatives. The program will be broad including theory, concrete skills, and methods for fighting oppressive behaviour on an interpersonal as well as a socio-economic level.


We will never charge entrance fee to the book fair. On the other hand, international travel ain’t cheap. That’s where you come in. With you help we will be able to help cover international travel expenses for groups organizing workshops.

About 200 Euros allows us to invite one group that would otherwise not be able to come to Sweden. We hope to invite representatives from plenty of successful struggles and engaging experiences – the more you share with us, the more awesomeness we’ll have at the bookfair.

Any contribution helps – and because we’re so excited to put on this bookfair, we want our backers to get a little extra excitement back, too. So we’re making custom designed screen print patches.

Save your donation receipt/take a screenshot of last screen after donating, and bring it to the bookfair to claim your swag.

  • Any donation gets you a very nice sticker
  • 10 Euros gets you a locally printed patch
  • 25 gets you a single color tote-bag
  • Donations of 50 or more give you the choice of full color special edition poster or a full color printed tote!

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