Help us restore the autonomous center in Skopje

AKSC 2.0

An Autonomous Socio-cultural Center (AKSC) is a free, open-source, horizontally structured, non-commercial and non-profit alternative space for activism and creation and promotion of independent culture. Unfortunately we had to close it down because of financial struggles more than two years ago. Yet, we never really overcame it and joined our forces and decided to forget how much it hurts and try again, with a new plan and few years of experience behind.  

Who is trying to install AKSC 2.0?

AKSC 2.0 will be created and maintained by our newly-created group called KoprivaKolektiv/The Nettle Collective.
Since we don’t want to have a government-dependent or government-instructed AKSC, we need other sources of funding and promotion.
The use of donations is an idea we promote, so most of AKSC’s funding ideally needs to come from donations. That is, if we want to have a truly independent, free and inclusive place.
We might squat. We might rent. Which is why we need your help.

Why are we doing this?

At the core of AKSC is more than a physical space.
It’s a concept of creative resistance against the system and all known forms of political and economic power. At the very base of it the perhaps cliched motto “a better world is possible” can be found.
AKSC, basically, exists to help the society embody Freedom, Solidarity, Equality, Justice and Empathy.
We believe that this can happen by fostering a growing community of amazing artists, activists, musicians, filmmakers, neighbors, parents, teachers, and many, many more, who have shared ideals.  

Therefore, AKSC is a friend of progressive ideas and values, especially those emphasizing the importance of the struggle for equal human rights and the emancipation and liberation of the weakest links in society, the marginalized and oppressed. Which, then, makes it also an enemy of political manipulations and corruption, all modern capitalistic values, nepotism, clientelism, racism, xenophobia, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, and every kind of violence and exploitation.
A utopia in practice. Or a practical utopia?
Join us to find out what could happen. 

How do we make it happen?

There is no hierarchy in AKSC.
Every person is included in the decision making process but also that each gets his/her share of responsibility. The ideal to be reached here is to achieve self-organization and self-sustainability. Our events are non-profit and non-commercial.
The spectrum of initiatives is incredibly large, and includes exhibitions, film projections, gigs, debates, mutual support groups, many kinds of workshops, trainings, lectures, promotions, artistic performances, meetings and poetry readings.
AKSC also has its own library that must be respected and maintained as such by all who work and come in AKSC.

The long-term goal of AKSC is to encourage the spirit of self-organization, solidarity and raising the awareness and confidence in all who want to be creative, socially responsible and engaged in the transformation of conventional concepts into progressive ones.
By helping develop critical thinking and offering space for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and inspiration, AKSC wants to support and accelerate the marriage between independent cultural scene, grassroots activism and socially, politically and economically marginalized communities.

So, Are you joining?

If you would like to support AKSC and its vision by making a donation, this is a way to do it and you are welcome to visit and stay with us at any time! If you would like to get a taste of how the original AKSC felt and tasted like, take a look at our gallery of some of the people and events “living” in AKSC

P.S. To the people who were a part of, visited, and in any way helped the spirit of AKSC stay alive since its idea conception, or those who only supported through its golden years, or those who also supported it after the physical space closed down, we would like to say “THANK YOU!” for keeping the flame alive.

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