Support the antifascist struggle in Brazil

Help the brazilian antifascists from "Revolução Periférica"
who are facing prison and legal fees due to the iconic incendiary action on the statue of Borba Gato,
an infamous colonizer in São Paulo.

We, anarchist and communist militants from the city of São Paulo, organized in the "Revolução Periférica" movement, created this campaign in order to raise funds so we can help our comrades who are facing prison and legal fees due to the iconic incendiary action on the statue of Borba Gato.

Borba Gato was a brutal bandeirante in Colonial Brazil and his infamous statue represent the "glorious" history of his racist and violent past. On 24 of July, militants from the "Revolução Periférica" set fire on the Statue of Borba Gato, hours before the major protest against Bolsonaro in São Paulo and other cities wich resulted in clashes between protesters and the police.

This action spread nation and worldwide, and resulted in the arrest of Paulo Lima (a.k.a "Galo", a food delivery worker and leader of the "Entregadores Antifascistas" or "Antifascist Courier") and Danilo Oliveira (a.k.a "Biu", a history teacher). Paulo remained 14 days imprisioned and will face legal prosecution alongside with other militants that participated in the action.

Brazil is no longer a democracy and the extreme right, with the support of the military, is preparing it's final strike against the brazilian institutions. The pandemic resulted in 600.000 deaths, our economy is crumbling and the people are starving and a feeling of anger and frustration is permeating between the brazilian society.

In this context, the antifascist movement in Brazil is rapidly radicalizing towards direct action and self defence, and "Revolução Periférica" is perfectly catalyzing this feeling. The money raised in this crowdfunding will be fully used by our comrades from "Revolução Periférica" to expand the movement towards not only the toppling of the Bolsonaro regime, but also towards the popular revolution.

The people's revolution.

Further funding

We encourage funding going beyond the 100% mark, so that once the legal fees are covered we can spend resources on strengthening our work and become stronger as an organisation.

The RP is present in many favelas in the state of São Paulo. We're spreading the words of revolution i our actions and community projects in the favelas of Vitnã, Paraisópolis, Beira Rio II, Jardim Jaqueline, Grajaú and ABC Paulista.

An example of a project that we're doing is the "Arena Revolução Periférica", that is being done inside the favela of Beira Rio II. It will be a football camp for the youth and the innauguration will be set soon.

Funding this campaign, you will hep us support the regions where we are present with food programs, promotion of culture, art and events, and much more.
Our main objective with this funding is to create a headquarters for the Revolução Periférica in the Favela do Vietnã, in São Paulo.

Our own headquarters will expand our capacity to a whole new level.

Supporting this campaign you will also help us with our direct actions against the state, capitalism and the growing fascist threat. When we walk together, especially with the international solidarity, there are strengths and strategic constructions to stop the advances of neoliberalism, fascism and ethnocide of the peripherical people.

Supporting each other in an internationalist network, raising funds and spreading awareness, creates strong ties that help us become bigger and stronger, together.

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