Support and Organize (with ) the Open Assembly against Pushbacks and Border Violence in Athens

Dear Comrades,

As the Open Assembly Against Pushbacks and Border Violence we call for financial support and co-organization against the repressive and violent border regime of the Greek State, the EU and their collaborateurs !

The war on migration, led by a complex of EU-governments, cooperating countries and transnational profiteers reached a phase of high militarization and strong border surveillance. Meanwhile there is an increase of the presence of paramilitary structures, the legal and physical repression of migrants and solidarity structures and the rise of the far right hostile to people on the move in general. People on the move face incarceration and humiliation, systematic violence or get murdered like it was seen in the most shocking way in the state crime massacre of Pylos.This hostility is manifested in the EU-Turkey-Deal, the cooperation of states and parastate fascist groups and oppressive national asylum laws or strategies. The new European Asylum and Migration Pact will build upon collaborations with (proto)facist states based on the experience with the EU-Turkey-Deal, prison camps and detention centres based on the experiences of the Greek islands and a reinforcement of border-control-systems cut off the right of asylum.

In our activity we aim to target and name those leading the war on migrants, the joint force of EU and cooperating states, capitalist exploiters and fascists. Thus, we work through the means of self-organisation against the lethal mechanisms at the EU external borders and against the normalization of those repressive mechanisms and the implementation of the border industries' "innovations" in public.

As Open Assembly our political work consists of co-organization in the tasks of raising awareness in the public through interventions and media, rising the voice of those affected by border violence and it's consequences, distributing information material, organizing events and creating networks, organic relations and long-term collaborations with and between multiple groups organized in the struggles against the war on migration and all the topics related. With the call of urgent assemblies to organize direct actions when cases of pushbacks and border violence become public we drive attention to this topic and invite more people to join the struggle.To be able to work sufficiently and methodically according to our aims, we are organized in different working groups that are meeting and proceeding on a regular basis.

Demonstration at the two camp-prisons of Malakasa (06/24/23) managing also to overpass the blocking from the camp security and get in direct contact with survivors and other residents of the camp while chanting slogans together

While we do not have very high expenses we still need support to cover our costs for the year 2024 for:


Since we aim to keep information and exchange events financially accessible for both visitors and speakers, we need to cover expenses for logistics, material and transport costs as mentioned above.

Public discussion on pushbacks and border violence with survivors, lawyers, journalists, the kurdish community center and Open Assemblies from Samos and Lesvos.


The state is oppressing refugees as well as anti-fascist, anti- racist social movements. We are already and will be experiencing attacks from the state on multiple levels, a major one is the legal prosecution. The more money we can raise for this use, the better we can stay strong against repression.


One focus is the collection of information and relevant contacts and the creation of strong networks since we believe in (co-)organisation from the social base. Therefore, we also visit relevant locations of the European external borders in Greece at both the Evros and maritime borders. At the same time, we need to cover travel costs for individuals or collectives we invite as speakers to Athens.


We need to cover reoccurring costs for printing flyers and posters for interventions and other events in order to react quickly when needed.

Big poster campaign we currently organize to share over solidarity structures in Greece and further. The posters are prepared and interest from multiple groups was already expressed but still need financing in order to be printed and shared. The Posters aim to activate the society on the topic. For joining the poster-campaign, please contact us.

For all this, we need at least 2000€ to continue our daily work in 2024.

105% of €2000

€ 2100 reached in total

-43 days left