On August 21st the bear hunt starts in Sweden and 622 bears have been sentenced to lose their lives in brutal and ruthless ways. The hunters will tear families apart, torture them to death and traumatize not only the bears but all the inhabitants of the forest.

Hunt Saboteurs Sweden intends to make the hunting difficult and prevent the killing in every possible way to protect the bears.


WHERE AND WHEN: Different parts of middle and northern Sweden from August 21st and forward. We will stay for as long as the economy allows us to.

WHY DONATIONS ARE NEEDED: Unfortunately it costs a lot to sabotage a hunt. The sabs needs food and shelter but also cars and petrol since the hunt is taking place in the woods and sometimes very far away from the society. We always make sure to choose the cheapest options of everything.

WHY TO PROTECT THE BEARS: Hunt Saboteurs Sweden is an anti-hunting and antispeciesist organization that fights for and protects the wild animals against hunters and their psychopathy. We are dedicated to animal liberation. This means we work with groups locally, nationally and worldwide who fight to end domination and injustice.

We take direct action peacefully when needed on the fields to stop the hunt and slaughter of our wildlife. Not everyone can join us on the fields but anyone can play an important role. Fundraising and raising awareness are as important.





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