Men make up the majority of dead, killed, commited suicide, tortured, beaten, homeless, sick, addicted, suffering from mental disorders or depression. We fight against discrimination of men by supporting their rights to safety, health, equal legal and parenting rights, fair treatment and attention. Your support will help us provide resources to protect all members of society. Let's create a world where every person is valued and respected.


When I was raped by a girl, no one stood up for me. My closest friend said that a cis woman cannot rape me, and perhaps I should have just enjoyed the situation. Police said there was no law against raping a man, so there was nothing they could do. My doctor took a long time to analyze what made me try to kill myself.

Because of the vehement denial that men can be raped by women, ignoring the men raped by men in prisons, police stations and wars, critical lack of iniatives to help men, and the "real mannn"-stigmas that go along with all this, raped men commit suicide at 15 times more often than raped women. That does not mean that raped women don't suffer — any rape survivor suffers and deserves deep regret. It means that our society rigidly ignores male victims of rape. And not only those males.

Males are 4/5 of killed, 19/20 of killed by police, 9/10 of workplace fatalities, 9/10% of committed suicide, the majority of those subjected to genocide or homelessness, 1/2 of victims of domestic violence, first in the 12 leading causes of death, or being forced to die on wars for the interests of the elites.

But how often do you hear about the need to fight for men's rights? How often, on the other hand, you hear, that (cis) men are unquestionably privileged? How much do you believe it yourself?


Q: How adult men are discriminated against?
A: Men are 70-80% more likely to be incarcerated (and will recieve 63% longer sentence) than women for the same offense with the same criminal history. C ustodial fathers are less likely to get child support. Some studies say that more than 75% of representations of men or male identity in mass media show men as one of the following: villains, aggressors, perverts, philanderers. Every sixth man experiances rape, while in majority of countries it is not even legally possible to sue a woman for the rape of a man (ex. UK, India, Israel or Russia).

Q: How boys and teenagers are discriminated against?
A: Men & boys fall behind women at every level education just as strongly as women & girls did behind men 50 years ago! The majority of children used as soldiers, terrorists or suicide bombers are boys (e.g. 97% in Syria & Kurdistan). Boys have similar chance to experience child abuse than girls (47.3% and 50.7%), but are 50% more likely to die of maltreatment and incomparably more likely to get killed. Every third raped kid is a boy, every second raped teenager is a male.


Q: Though, are you guys misogynist, antifeminist, patriarchal, incel, homophobic, transphobic or any other type of trash?
A: Not at all! We fight for equality, not against women, gay, black people or anyone else. Actually, more of us are women (both cis and trans), than men; some of us are homosexual or transgender; many of us are both feminists & masculists (men's rights advocates). We're absolutely uncompromisingly against any right-wing or incel ideologies, because they're harmful not only for everyone else, but for men and boys as well.

Q: Actually, I have more questions, like: "But ain't we living in the patriarchy?", "But men are hurt by other men?", "But feminism already fights for gender equality?" or else.
A: We really encourage you to a website made by one of us, which endeed answers all of these (and many other) questions:


Q: So why do you guys need my money?
A: Because we're all dreaming big here! We have great plans for mass agitations, cool performances, direct actions, in a non-violent way. We need just a bit of a financial support for doing all the stuff!

Q: How can I trust you?
A: Being also anarchists, we want to stay as transparent as possible. You can find a report on the use of each donated dollar in this document:

Q: Can I affect how my money is used?
A: We're planning to make a voting system for those who donated. Ideally, the voting system will even not replicate the vulnerabilities of democracy (ex. a supremacy of 51% over 49%), and you will be able to decide what is your donation used for, or even spread it over several tasks. But non of us knows yet, how to do that. :D
If/when we get such system running, we'll notify in our Telegram channel.

Q: Can I donate you in crypto?
A: Absolutely yes! Few wallets below:
BitCoin: bc1qxxjkrapm2r5kqez6yq20yz22ta97r6l25k8mfq
Monero: 47wqSKRD3eWWRfPEAjMKueb25b9GmjdSybKp2Toqi3idPifHDfUCRRDJsMtD6ujQNjLKUiVYArYUURdgqM7TQ4bNKLvf5zi


Q: What was your name again?
A: We're named «GE4TW», which means "Gender Equality For The World". The part of GE4TW that is focused on masculism is named «GE4MB», which means "Gender Equality For Men & Boys". Other parts are dedicated to feminism, non-binary activism or intersex-activism.

Q: Your political orientation?
A: GE4TW is left-wing anarchist, anarcho-masculist, anarcho-feminist & queer anarchist collective.

Q: Never heard about you...
A: Easy to believe! GE4TW has always focused rather on doing concrete changes, than geting our names famous, and we haven't ever thought about advertising ourselves. Actually, we're so underground, that we haven't had any official web-page or social media before today. But you still can find some of us actions online.

Q: I want to learn more about GE4TW.
A: First of all, you can still visit the website mentioned above: last year it even got often used as our "business card". Besides that, today we've hastily made kinda official Telegram-channel. But we still ain't sure if it will be updated often.

Q: Can I become a part of GE4TW?
A: Feel free to call yourself a part of GE4TW, if you fight for sex and gender equality without misandry, misogyny, queerphobia and right-wing or authoritarian ideas! In other words, GE4TW is an open idea for everyone worth it.

Q: May I contact you?
A: You can use this email or this Telegram-bot.

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