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On April 27th 2019 our community banded together to hold a counter demonstration in response to the hateful and bigoted End Sanctuary Rally in Huntington Beach California.

After being targeted by fascist Trump supporters and mounted police, our comrades are facing mounting legal fees resulting from arrests.

Come stand with us in solidarity and show your love and support.

Give what you can. Every contribution is significant.





A little bit about OccupyIceLA.

Over the last few months, we have been showing up for asylum seekers in a multitude of ways, such as countering anti-migrant bigots locally, encouraging and conducting humane journalism documenting the folx from the caravana, providing medical care in migrant shelters in Tijuana, and ongoing financial support.

We have been able to send multiple people in ICE custody money toward their commissary so they’re able to buy food, hygiene products, make phone calls, etc. We’ve also been able to help asylum seekers with short term housing while they figure out the next step in their journey to hopefully gain asylum in the US.

With the legal fees incurred from the arrests of our comrades in Huntington Beach on April 27th, our donation fund is now empty and we need your help.

Anything you can give will ensure our comrades don't go to jail as we continue the struggle to build a world based on mutual aid and love without borders.

3 % of € 3000

€ 85 reached in total

-1122 days left

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