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Anarchist Bookfair

15.-17. June, 2018, Malmö, Sweden
Help us make it happen!
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We think that it is necessary to bring up this ideas again, gather together in our city and learn from each other. So we were some people who decided to make this happen, so we meet and organize how we want it.

Malmö Anarchist Bookfair is coming closer and the preparetions for it is running with a crowded schedule with bookpresentations, panel-debate, lectures, workshops, stalls, talks, meetings etc. There is still some room for those who wants to talk about any interesting theme or bring their material here! Just get in contact here!

Although we wish for the bottom of our hearts that we do not need to use the capitalist system that we are under, we need contributions to make this bookfair happen.

Our Goal

We want to have the bookfair as a free entrance place, where knowledge can be shared.

Now we ask for donations to cover the costs of material like posters, flyers, rent for the venue and to pay travel costs for people coming from different places (US, Germany, Greece).

Our main goal is to gather 800 € So we could pay the tickets for Some comrades, the material and venues rent.

If we manage to gather 1000€ we could pay the tickets for all the comrades coming to do lectures.

If the amount of money is over what we expected, is going to be share with other projects and for the futures bookfairs.

Together we are the Malmös Anarchist Bookfair

109% of €800

€ 875 reached in total

-2216 days left