Support Kourkoutavlos Rodou A.C.
Autonome athletic club

We are a group of people from Rhodes of Greece who have been active in antifascist actions for many years in the island. But just because the island is small and a lot of people know its other we have been all this years anonymous without any connection with other groups of the antifascist movement of Greece, some interactions we had were individualy. One day we gathered all together and decided to change that by making an autonome team that will participate in the lowest league of our local football championship. We came with that idea regarding that we already gather sometimes and do some sport activites and bringing a nice feeling, of a team, of good sportmanship and respect to each other no matter the diference of our language, colour of skin, ethnicity or gender. Through our teams ideas we want to create a community of solidarity that can participate in small activities such as bazaars of local producers and artists, festivals, collective kitchens.

With your help we can save so much time and maybe we will start the matches the next season that is coming. We only need 600 euros for the paperwork that needs to be done with the lawyers. All other expenses will be covered from our personal budget or from parties for economical support.

5% of €600

€ 35 reached in total

-408 days left