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Where’s My Jetpack, a politics and pop culture podcast, is raising funds to transcribe anti-fascist and anti-racist interviews at market rates.

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Where’s My Jetpack is a politics and pop-culture podcast, with sci-fi and socialist leanings.

Given the recent ugly rise of the extreme right, and associated Red-Brownism, we have run a number of interviews on the far right and strategies for the fightback.

Interviewees range from a migrant rights advocate in Aotearoa New Zealand, to a prominent anti-fascist writer in Australia, to a DSA Afrosocialists member in New York, among others.

Listeners have requested transcripts of episodes, however as transcription is hard work, we will pay any transcriber market rates.

For this reason, we are crowdfunding to transcribe up to 10 interviews on anti-fascism and anti-racism, at a market rate of €1.50 a minute.

Showing our working, we’ve divided the interviews into three chunks, each representing a crowdfunding total (this also includes around 10% additional for fees):

  • Red-Brown Zombies:An interview with NZ based socialist writer Daphne Lawless
  • Red-Brown Zombies (x2): Interviews with US based anti fascists Peter Soeller and Jae Em Carico
  • Red-Brown Zombies: A history of the far right in Aotearoa/New Zealand by Tyler West
214 minutes: €350 at €1.50 a minute

  • Conspiracy theories and xenophobia: An interview with NZ-based video essayist Byron Clark
  • Syrian Revolution and Counter-Revolution: An interview with Swiss-Syrian academic Joseph Daher
  • COVID-19 - For a Just Lockdown: Interview with migrant rights advocate Gayaal Iddamalgoda
211 minutes, €350: €700 total

  • Hate in the Time of COVID: Interview with Australian anti fascist writer slackbastard/Andy Fleming
  • Crises of US Capitalism: Interview with DSA Afrosocialists member Robert Cuffy
  • Upcoming interview with Alexander Reid-Ross
200 minutes, €300: €1000 total

We will first seek to recruit transcribers from sympathetic circles, however if this does not work out we may also transcribe ourselves, and/or seek out a professional transcription service. We may share transcription duties between a number of transcribers.

We hope this collection of transcripts will prove a useful resource for anti-fascist and anti-racist organisers, as well as anyone seeking to learn more.

Awards for supporters are listed below:

    €10 - Thanking by name in episode
    €20 - Join discord and vote on episode topics
    €50 - A year’s subscription to socialist e-publication Fightback
    €70 - Character named after you in podcast fiction sketches (first or last name, no guarantee the character won’t be evil or die!)
    €100 - Drawing by Derek (you suggest general theme)

166% of €350

€ 581 reached in total

-1303 days left


Where’s My Jetpack is a politics and pop-culture podcast, with sci fi and socialist leanings.

We aim to provide an alternative, libertarian socialist perspective on a wide range of issues: ongoing revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, 50s BBC sci-fi serials, fighting nationalism and fascism, masculinity in comics, frontlines of the contemporary union movement, choice mechanics in the Life is Strange games, feminism for the 99%, John Carpenter, contemporary socialist political programme, superheroes getting kicked in the balls, alternatives to Red-Brownism, and Nigerian zombie movies. Basically, this podcast is about everything we find interesting, and we hope you find it interesting too.

As you can tell, anti-fascism/anti-racism is just one area we cover. However, it’s one we consider particularly important, so we have specifically chosen those episodes for transcription.

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166% of €350

€ 581 reached in total

-1303 days left