Restore the prayer house (Opy'i) and communal kitchen, distribute water, build ecological bathrooms, plant and develop agroforestry and take care of animals. Mutual aid and revolutionary solidarity! Help us to support native people!

This campaign aims to support two native land in São Paulo south and also, others in state interior and coastal zones.
Our goals is to restore and expand the prayer house (Opy’i) and communal kitchen, plant native trees and subsistence foodsuch as corn, rice, potato and others, distribute water and generate clean energy collected from surrounding rivers, support the cerimonies, and other constructions such as houses and other demands that the comunitie brings to us.
Also carry out the construction of ecological bathrooms and support the school located in the land. These are some of the missions and commitments we have to native people here in São Paulo.

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€ 240 reached in total

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