Help feed more than 50 million families

Help us to build 16 solidarity kitchens bringing free meals
spread throughout the 5 regions of Brazil,
at this time of pandemic to the most needy.

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About the project

We are a project that emerged within the Homeless Movement in Brazil, with the objective of bringing free food to all of Brazil, expanding and improving works that were already being done in this sense.

Further info

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Hunger in Brazil has worsened since the beginning of the pandemic. Study of Food Security and Hunger in the World reveals that about 5 million people are malnourished in Brazil. This reality may become even worse in the coming years with the return of the growth of poverty and extreme poverty in Brazil.

We have completed a year of pandemic in Brazil. Unfortunately, we passed the mark of more than 270 thousand dead with the prospect that the social and economic consequences can be much more brutal, especially with the lack of action by this government. Unemployment continues to rise along with food prices. The gas cylinder exceeds 100 reais in most cities in the country. Hunger leaves the news and begins to guide the urgency of our actions.

A year later, our fight is not over. We want to build Solidarity Kitchens so that families on the peripheries have their nutrient-rich food guaranteed. The right to healthy and nutritional food should be a right for the entire population.


We are going to build 16 Solidarity Kitchens in the 11 states where we operate. The proposal to implement solidarity kitchens aims to directly impact the lives of the most vulnerable population in the peripheries.

We will have a Solidarity Kitchen on the outskirts of the states of Roraima, Ceará, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, two in the Federal District, four on the outskirts of São Paulo and, finally, one in the ABC region of São Paulo.

How it works

The Solidarity Kitchens will operate every day, distributing free lunches to families on the outskirts of the country's urban centers. We want all families in the suburbs to have the right to healthy and nutritional food. In a time of pandemic and crisis, the distribution of ready meals directly benefits women, children and the elderly. Our collective action is so that the right to healthy and nutritional food is guaranteed for the entire population!

That's why we launched this new solidarity campaign and once again, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

1% of €20000

€ 210 reached in total

-1091 days left