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The Stockholm Anarchist book fair is a space for the anarchist movement to share new ideas and network each year in Stockholm, Sweden.

There is very little explicitly anarchist space in Sweden. The bookfair works to fix that creating a hub in time and space for the anarchist movement to develop and evolve.

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The Stockholm bookfair has been a stimulating and inspiring event so far. Now, we want to widen the spectrum of ideas which we take up by bringing in a more international collection of participants. We want to learn all we can from comrades in other parts of the world.

  • Workshops and trainings
  • Lectures on a broad range of topics
  • Fundraising activities for comrades engaged in struggles
  • A diverse array of information and book tables
  • Informational/organizational meetups for future actions and struggles

This year we would like to offer travel expenses for comrades from a small collection of struggles in Southern Europe and possibly from further afield.

Our Goal

Our preliminary goal is 1000 Euros. At this level we would be able to cover more of our basic costs, and offer partial travel support for a few activists

The next level is 2000 Euros. With this amount we could pay travel for around 4 activists.

If we could reach 4000 Euros then we would be able to bring comrades from further afield and beyond.

Solidarity is all that we've got in the struggle for freedom and justice for everyone on this rock we call Earth.

Developing solidarity across borders is our biggest hope and biggest challenge.

Help us to start making this happen in Stockholm June 2018!

To get an idea of what goes on at the bookfair check out our website and event page.

101% of €1000

€ 1011 reached in total

-2231 days left

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