Big Mamas Identity and Memory Project, the project seeks to revalue the ancestral wisdom of rural, migrant, disabled and diverse older adult women in the city of La Plata, Argentina. Providing a space for expression for their experiences and a channel that shares their vision in terms of social transformation.

This project was established in the group "Años de Oro", which brings together older adult women who have had to live different life experiences through dictatorship, migration and rurality, with whom an artistic and communicative process has been developed where The senses and resilience are put into action to enhance memory and identity, giving value and recognition to their experiences in the stage of life that has been called old age.

The funds raised seek to sustain these ancestral meetings, to achieve the mobilization of colleagues with disabilities and who are in more remote areas. It also aims to publish audio and printed memories with the stories of the Big Mamas.

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