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Gentrification kills cities.
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We are a group of activists from Istanbul. We all have different backgrounds. Some of us are still students, some are doctor, DOP, lawyer etc.

Dönüşüm will be our first feature-length project. We decided to start this project because we saw and visited many countries in the last years and observed similar processes in different cities, neighborhoods. Still, no one cares much about Yeldeğirmeni and its relationship to gentrification. Two years ago, we started with field work for a research, to our surprise we saw that people do not know what is gentrification, they also didn't have any idea about the reasons and results of it.

Our thought was, that a documentary would grab people's attention more effectively than other forms of informing.

Further info

Gentrification Is The New Colonialism

Gentrification kills cities. The oppressed classes are forced to abandon their houses and local businesses are gradually replaced by chain stores in order to fit the urban needs of the middle class. Gentrification has the function of a trojan horse for global neoliberalism; it wipes out the working class from central neighborhoods, rebrands them and turns them into consumption centers and regulates urban dynamics for the sake of more profit. This exploitative process and its impact have been relatively well-documented in Western cities such as London, Berlin, Barcelona etc. Gentrification may go through similar steps, it is rarely identical. Istanbul is a good example for a different flavor of gentrification.

Yeldegirmeni in Kadiköy, Istanbul is the latest victim of gentrification in the city. There is an intense wave of dispossession of the poor and a transformation of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, in our country of contradictions, this process is being cherished by many-including left-wing activists- as a progressive process. We want to document this transition as it is still ongoing, to expose what’s really happening in Yeldegirmeni to the general public and to anti-gentrification activists. We think that this documentary would contribute to our knowledge on the impact of gentrification in a Non-Western culture and reveal the differences and similarities of the process to its western precursors.

We started to shoot the documentary in august 2018 and finished more than half of it. Unfortunately, we came to the point, where the film exceeds our budget and we can’t shoot any further. We need your support in order to complete the documentary.


With the 1200 euros that we ask of you, we will rent:

  • Canon 5D mark iii RAW *2
  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 USM I Lens
  • Rode NTG4+ Boom
  • Zomm H6 Handy Recorder
  • Dracast Boltray 600 Plus Led Set
  • Liliput A7S 7inches 4k Camera Monitor
  • Post-production

0 % of € 1200

€ 5 reached in total


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